"Score!" Soft Body Sim

I was just playing with soft body sims, and
found something I didn’t know before (though
it may be common knowledge most)

I.e. Initially I just let the cube bounce down the
ramp, which is fun & cool by itsself.

But then rotating the ramps when the cube is in mid-air,
the cube will behave correctly, even when one boots it
over the other! =O

I thought you could only do this in the Game Engine (which I haven’t tried yet).
Still need to fix it so the plane only hits the surface of the cube, though not sure how yet.

It opens the door to endless possibilties for softbody (and hard body?) sims.
Probably not for fluids as they have to bake.

(Blender 2.65 Soft Body Sim rendered in Octane 1.1, 200 samples/frame, 250 frames,
20fps, Zotac GTX 580 Amp! GPU)