I have been working on a mini-game using blender and am almost done, but I am having troubble with the scoring/points system.

First off I have no idea how to display the score on the screen, secondly once I have the score displayed I do not know how to increase it. I want to player to get a certain number of points when a certain object collides with another (more points for some and less for others).

And last but not least once the player gets a game over I need to display their score on the game over screen (a seperate sceen in blender).

I’m assuming alot of this will involve python which I am clueless in.

As well if anone knows how I can use a custom made font to display the score with that would be nice too.

Any help would be greatly appricicated.

I suggest search for the keywords: text, health, hitpoints in this forum. There should be some threads dealing with exactly your problem.

I hope it helps

goto google and type in “blender real time text” the first result is a nice tutorial for keeping score. the next one shows how to make different true type font images.

the first one works real well for me ( i use blender ver 2.49.2)

i havent tried to make any other ttf’s.