scoring between different scens

Hi Im kinda new to blender and Im making a game but Im trying to keep score between scenes but every time I go back to my main stage for the second time my previous info is gone and when i travel between scenes I don’t end the main scene. the whole goal is to go through four doors and collect four items to open a final stage and the doors on each stage are suppose to disappear but like I said before the stage I completed first the info disappears after completing the second stage and so on like after third the second disappears and forth gets rid of third I have tried working with my teacher but he and i could not figure it out

p.s. I don’t know how to script

You can send a message to other scenes to change the scores.
Another way is to use a script to copy properties between scenes. There is one is resources that I use that works well.
I think you might also need a save/load script. Depends if you want the scores the next time you start the game.

At the moment I am not skilled at scripting. The info dose transfer but when I go to a different scene for the second time the info from the first level is gone

You will almost certainly have to use scripting. If you can’t find the copy properties blend file, or save/load in resources, I may have one somewhere that you could copy from.

If you don’t find what you need by searching the forum send me a PM