scorpion eater the right pic.

this is about all i can do with this project,finished hoses,etc.modelled in blender,rendered in lightflow,using a lightprobe,with a little postprocessing in photoshop to clean it up.

tell me what you think


posted the wrong pic earlier,the right one is up now :-?

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


I was just rendering a terragen with eeshlo script to build a personal lightprobe for my ongoing spider project…

/me underlines rixt66 name on hate list (you were already there :stuck_out_tongue: )


WOW that’s very nice! :o God jobb! :wink:

Great modelling! Looks very detailed.

Looks really nice! but check the shadows of the legs. its perhaps too soft.

Looks very cool. Now I want to see someone just as ass-kickingly shiny and purty straight out of Blender’s renderer. Maybe I’ll try it.

haha, love the name change!!!

I love that pic, just get some more evniroment around the spider. Can you post you py code for the materials you used? More man, render one of your cars in lightflow, that would look so kick ass.

Nice job! Thats an awsome scorpion, I like his non-threatening design!

Looks great!
I really like the envitonment you’ve put it in. (Maybe it looks just a little unnatural with the stones lying in sand like that)
I think the grass goes through the legs a little.

Most people seem to be making insects or spiders for this contest (which is understandable, exoskeletons and lots of legs, what more can you ask for in a mech :wink: ) so I think I’ll try for something different.
Maybe a flower?

  1. pofo

Can You publicate .blend file or screen shots?
The materials are very good…

Grand! love the colours the reflectivity is kick ass too!

I’m inspired!

Awesome image.

The raw nature of the rocks and sand complement the mechanical, technical nature of the spider - it certainly makes it more interesting.

The colors and reflections are great.

these are just materials i copied from examples,and played with the parameters a little,here is the material list
newMaterial( “physical”,
[ “fresnel”, 1,
“IOR”, 9.0,
“kr”, vector3( 1, 1, 1 ),
“kd”, 0.0,
“km”, 0.02,
“shinyness”, 1.0,
“radiosity”, 1,
“caustics”, 2, 2 ] )

blue = s.newMaterial( “physical”,
[ “fresnel”, 1,
“IOR”, 9.0,
“kr”, vector3( .259, .484, .815 ),
“kd”, 0.0,
“km”, 0.02,
“shinyness”, 1.0,
“radiosity”, 1,
“caustics”, 2, 2 ] )

LFPAT277 = s.newPattern( ‘map’, [ ‘texture’, s.newTexture(‘C:/Blender/uvtex/stone.tga’), ‘type’, ‘surface’] )
Material_002 = s.newMaterial( ‘standard’, [ ‘kc’, vector3(1.000000, 1.000000, 1.000000), ‘kc’, LFPAT277, ‘kd’, 0.994604, ‘ksg’, 0.005396, ‘km’, 0.608729 ,‘radiosity’, 1 ] )

s.addObject( s.newObject( ‘sphere’, [ ‘radius’, 50.000000 ] ) )


rixtr i love it.

i got to throw in my two cents though.

1st Cent:
-the rock in front of the Scorpion Crusher
gives [me] the impression that he’s stuck, his pathway is blocked.
my eyes trail to the bottom left corner to see what he’s focusing on.

2nd Cent:
-the shadows under the Spider are too soft.
the detail on his body is very crisp but the underlying shadows
don’t convince me that the Spider is really there.


/me jawdrops :o

nothing else to say…

What is the secret of lighting?

ummmm, i can’t see the image…

all i get is an assult of pop up windows, and about 10 of those advertisement banners…

what’s wrong?