Scorpius update......(with .blend file)

got bored yesterday and played around with an old mesh:

blender file:

Very nice looking. Only thing I would change is take the driver out. Don’t know why. It just doesn’t look right.

Mother of mince! Beautiful renders man!

wow nice work. this can be used for a game

[!] :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Man, that’s extremely nice of you. Thank you.

Amazing colors on the car, it’s just beautiful!

I agree with the driver not looking right. Maybe it’s the helmet, or its colors, making him look out of place. Otherwise, an excellent render.

if i were u id donate ur model to the stunt playground project

Wow! This is amazing work, some of the best I’ve seen for ages. It’s just a stunning render, the car is so smooth and a wonderful concept, while the lighting with the touch of blue is beautiful.

Definitely one to post on CGTalk imo.

It’s amazing this is internal, the render is so good it gives the impression it was generated by something like Brazil.

Ultra sweet modeling and render quality [email protected] Always exciting to see your work posted.

The internal renderer is amazingly capable.

The thing is we need to push it, and work at our materials and lighting.

The render quality is definitely there if we’re willing to work for it, believe me :wink:


Looks Great!
the headlights reminds me of a zonda…

i think driver looks out of palce because hes skinnny and the cars fat

Beautyfull! More angles please!

looks excellent! I love the glowish effect (perhaps from the reflection) on the side by the cockpit :slight_smile:

one question…how do you get in and out? I cant work it out. The cockpit appears to be sealed and there are no cracks giving away a hint there isa door. :slight_smile:

Thank you for releasing the .blend, [email protected] I really appreciate it.



Cerberus: Sure, this model can be used for the stunt playground project – but isn’t it a game? If it is, good luck on getting it to go more that 0.0000000000234 frames per sec with this model :stuck_out_tongue:

code_astro: How does the driver get out?..well, hmm…ahh, the scorpius comes with teleportation technology as standard :smiley:

And yeah, I agree that the driver does look out of place, all he is is a poser model that has been chopped in half…furthermore the helmet is just a squished sphere…very lazy work on my part.


Yeahhhhhhhhhhh! Sweeeeeeeet ! Wow man this is good!