ScottishPig's boat stage 3 (Final, I think)

(jorx) #1

Ok. Post-Processing is done,

What do you think? I do believe I’m done it. Guess I’ll put it up on my site.


(jorx) #2

And don’t forget the subject. “ScottishPig’s Boat”
He modeled the ship, (Very good Modeling job!) but I did all the rest.

([email protected]) #3

like the no quater flag u have flying nice touch, i like the whole thing sails are good the reflection is poerfect and the water is pretty much right, but i think mabie a little something in the water would be cool but the ship is amazing. good work

(ScottishPig) #4

Thank you. You have given a good credit to my name- and yourself, of course.

I am rather disappointed that the sails have no texture, however, that’s just a small detail- You did much better than I ever would.

You do, I hope, have more of my ships, if you like doing such work.

Thanks - Good job!!!

(blengine) #5

great job on the scene! the boat actually looks really nicely textured, and the sails glow effect u got going is fantastic…the reflection in the water is beautiful, now if only the modeling was better…hahahaha jus kiddin sp, u both did a great job