Well, I’ve put the flower to bed for now, and decided I missed my old dog, so now Im working on modeling a scottish terrier. Going to go for a more toon like style. This is my first prototype, and its given me a few ideas. My next attempt at this should have some sort of working mouth, and Im really struggling with the nose, and not sure how Im going to get good depth to the ears. All in all, its been a sucessful first attepmt, to get a rough feel for how Im going to approach this one.

Could you use a lighter material like white? I can’t see anything except for the shape of his/her head.

Well there really isnt a whole lot of detail as of yet, but yea black is rough to see, so here’s a lil better view.

Still a little dark, though. But it’s looking good as far as I can see. The eyebrows look a little too papery, but that might be good for the toon look. I don’t know. Looking good so far :slight_smile:

Well, now I have a mouth for my puppy. The eyebrows are kinda thin, but I think it fits the feel I have going so far. He looks like a happy dog doesnt he?

Now just some legs and he’ll be ready to chase tennis balls till his lil hearts content.