Scout Craft Mark III

I am working on a new little spaceship, which when renders available I will share with you folks. But I’ve run into a very special problem while working on this at school today. I’m trying to create a thruster effect, and its looking promising but I keep hitting on hitch. I’m using a combination of halos and an alpha mapped cylinder. At the end of the cylinder I get a little ring around the edge of the end. I tried capping the end of the cylinder but that just makes the whole end white. I don’t know how to get it not to draw the little circle. Take a look.


Okay, I finally figured out my problem. I needed to set my alpha texture to extend rather than repeat. So here’s my better engine render and a look at my ship.


I really like that ship design. Very smooth looking.


Some updates to the cockpit region of the ship.


Really neat, and quite original.

Slight update. I started adding some mechanisms to the scoop region of the main hull.


I think I’m done with primary modelling on this one. Thats not to say that there might not be a little tweaking here and there or some slight additions, but here we are. I should be able to start texturing this week.


I doubt this thing would ever fly, but maybe in 500 years people invent some super material or somthing, so it could fly?

Anyway… nice work. :slight_smile:

No doubt, it would never get off the ground. But its sci-fi none of it would ever actually fly, think of that stuff in starwars or startrek. But I think its well enough designed to provide for suspension of disbelief.