SCP-2020 Animated. So this is a project that is open and can use some input, why not!


SCP-2020 expreiment 0-11-156-DA

1600: SCP-2020 was presented with a bottle of vodka
1630: SCP-2020 starts to dance
1845: SCP-2020 collapses to the ground.

Made this freaky model and animation as a personal project to have something to show outside of my contracted works. Software used Blender, Substance Painter.


Contact: [email protected]

Funny n creepy lol

Btw how was the animation done?


Well the animation was done by importing some mocaps and then blending the actions in the NLS editor

nice thing :slight_smile:

imho some ppl should creat think-tanks XD for mesh<—>rig<—>RT graphic engines
should end beeing a pain ^^

i set up a workflow for MH/blender/mixamo/unity for animating any toon you want.
it appears to be uninterresting. I believe it’s just because blender users animates nothing.
a shame as the dopesheet is caviar :stuck_out_tongue:

congrats for the drunk alien ! i definetely love it :smiley:
but i doubt it would be welcome in my scenes :wink:

happy blending !


Yea i think Blender has all you need to make animated game characters.
Also have a look at the game animated version of the character