Screen colour vs Output colour?

can you upload a blend file.Then we can have a look whats going on.

Because you use Filmic. Turn Filmic to Standard.

@Hikmet Hikmet is probably right. You can find this option in the Properties panel -> Render Properties -> Color Management (at the bottom) -> View Transform
So there turn Filmic to Standard as Hikmet said.


But why he has no Filmic look in the viewport?

Hm, good question. I had a closer look and using Standard probably does not give the right outcome either. It also sets the viewport to Standard. So there probably still is a difference.

You might check your sampling between the Render and the Viewport…if you have a lower sampling in viewport then there are subtle differences in Viewport render and Final Render

I changed the Render Properties Color Management to Standard and the render looks better but the Eevee preview looks blue.

I am on a Mac so don’t know if there are gamma or screen settings that are different here, exceptd I am seeing the difference in colour between two things on the same screen?

you need to use the scene world from the viewport shading options

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Great. Thanks @canpe.

I’ve never done that before. I always take it for granted your setup is the thing that is rendered. But a preview has its own settings for a preview.

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If it’s okay I’ve removed my Blender file as it’s got a model in it.

What year Apple MacBook? The modern ones are Display P3 and you need to use a proper configuration as Blender doesn’t support it by default. You can try this attached link.

If it is any MacBook model from approximately late 2015 on, the chances are that it has a Display P3 display, not sRGB-like.

I’m on a late 2018 iMac 27" so I think I’m okay.

The problem was solved by turning on Scene Lights in the Viewport Shading options for Eevee.

I’m pretty sure that’s a Display P3 display.

Open up ColorSync and check the primaries. If you see the larger triangle, there you go.

I opened up the ColorSync Utility? And saw this -


Would be under the “Displays” heading there on the left. It should pop up a CIE colourimetry diagram.

This thing? Doesn’t the ‘P3’ confirm it?


No, because you are in the generic “profiles” section, and it simply lists all registered profiles. ColorSync usually shows the actual devices.

So ColorSync -> Devices -> Displays, then open the factory profile. Click on the rXYZ, gXYZ, or bXYZ tag. A larger triangle will likely appear, with different primaries to sRGB.

This one?

That’s it, and that’s definitely Display P3, not sRGB-like!

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Oh man. I’m very curious about what made you go so deep into this ‘rabbit hole’. Is color science your strongest inclination?