Screen distortion during game play

(gorgan_almi) #1

I’m having a problem with the game I’m making. It all works Ok, but everything seems to distort when it approaches either side of the screen. Vertical lines seem to bend to the left when they approach the left edge of the screen, and to the right when they approach the right edge of the screen. I’m using the default settings for the camera lens etc. And I’ve noticed the same problem seems to occur in some of the example files (such as egypt.blend) but not in others.

I recon its a limitation of the engine rather than a fault, but does anyone know how to minimise the effect? Cose it looks really unprofessional and its giving me a headache.

Thanks anyway,
Keith. :-?

(saluk) #2

Yeah, I’ve noticed this too. It has to do with the camera lens angle, as well as the distance of the clipping plane. I think the distortion is not as bad if you put clipstart higher, or narrow the camera more.

(digitalSlav) #3

haven’t noticed this so much with 2.25 but also make your polly smaller or try to use more polly. you will run into this when it’s trying to draw a huge wall made of one polly when most of it is off screen.