Screen Grab In Ubuntu?

Hi All,

I am using Ubuntu and I want to grab a picture of my Blender screen. In windows I would just press Prt-Sc button then open up Photoshop and paste the clipboard into a new document. How would I do the same task in Ubuntu?

In blender Ctrl+F3 saves a screenshot of the full blender window. Not sure if its the same in Linux but you could use Spacebar / search for screenshot


In Ubuntu you press, just like in Windows, PrtScr for full screenshot, or alt+PrtScr for screenshot of the active window only, then a popupdialog appears asking if you want to save the image, keep it in the clipboard or open with with a program from the list it offers.

If not - you messed up your global hotkeys somehow. The above is how it works with a default installation.

Thanks I’ll give both suggestions a try. I did not know about CTRL-F3 I have only used F3.

you can also use GIMP

File > Create > Screenshot

in some cases this can be a quick and clean way to take screenshot without loosing time removing unwanted frame.