"screen node" - can't find it.

Hello! I was curious about bloom lighting, so I was studying from this tutorial here: http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Tutorials/Glow_composition_nodes

This tutorial calls for the creation of a SCREEN NODE. However, it doesn’t explain how to create one, I’ve looked all over the Blender interface for such a node, but despite my best efforts I can’t find it. Can someone take a minute to explain where to go within the interface to create a screen node? (e.g, “RMB within the node compositing window, ADD, FILTER, SCREEN NODE…”)

It is the Mix node (Add>Color>Mix). When you change the Mix into Screen, the node changes it`s name. Screen is one of image blending methods.

It’s a type of Mix node (Add->Color->Mix, select Screen from menu).
Edit: Uup, too slow.