Screen of a blender game I started working on *updated*

This screen of a game i’m making here was actually started quite a few months ago before temporarily giving up on gameblender, I have started again but it will take a while till it’s done.

Plus I could use some filehost so I may if possible put up a demo when the second maze gets done after this one.

Ahem Google.

You should find plenty there. I use

No, why are you thinking such a thing? Of course my sig isn’t about you 8) :Z

Um, i’m not looking to have an actual website like what they look to be :expressionless:

Added a new image showing the finished texturing of the maze.

You should use 2 textures.
1 for the floors and the other for the walls/blocks.
Its all too confusing the way it is right now.

The shading from the lights hitting the walls help a little, and that was my intended style. I’ll see what I can do with the lights so each side has different shades.

So you meant for the textures to confuse the gamer?

When will a demo version be available for download?

Looks like it could be a good puzzle game.

BTW, you do know you can direct link images fro Alltaken’s site:


Will this be like pac man where you’re being chased around by bad guys, or do you just have to get to the end of the maze? I have to agree [og]GrYpHoN about the textures. If their is bad guys you could put like powur ups to make you go faster and stuff. Also after each level I think it would be cool to have like a little animation. I don’t know much about games. All i know is VB so i don’t know how hard this would be on the blender game engine. I’d like too see the charecter who’ll be running the maze :stuck_out_tongue:

Im assuming it will be 1st person view. Its easier that way and its his first game so he might be taking slow steps and not putting his hopes to high.

I’m now planning on redoing the lighting so each side is a slightly different shade, it’ll be easier then doing different textures because it took hours to texture the dang thing as what you see by far. BgDm, you are close, but it isn’t exactly puzzle, starting with level 2 they’ll be objects you’ll have to get before a door opening to the exit will open up. This is a 3D replication of the first game i’ve ever made (which was 2D) that I made back in 2002 when I was 13, I figured to make a game like that to get me started with the game engine.

Hoagies, sorry it’s not a pacman game.

Plus it’s going to take a while to get done, i’m planning a large number of levels for the complete product.


Read caption in Link for details

BgDm, exactly how can you hotlink images from his site? I tried it right now for this post and all I got was an X.

Well, I’m not BgDM but I can help. Go to the image in the album (view it) and right-click and go to properties. It will tell where the file is. If you’re using Mozilla (you should) right click and click Copy Image Location.

Then use the address between two img tags. BB style of course [tag]

I use Internet explorer

In case you haven’t realized I got done flipping all the normals on the problem faces, so the uneven lighting problem I would’ve had if I just kept on two sided is banished at least in the areas where you would see the faces.

Kansas_15: Do as mr_rob says and then use the following:



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