screen of my new game

here is screen of my new game.

just wait for a few days till I add demo link. :wink:


crap man, that looks awesome…keep up the good work 8)

Look promissing, I mean it’s looks great. Can’t wait to see a demo. :smiley:

That’s some of the best graphics I’ve seen in a blender-game so far.

yeah!!! :smiley:

Excellent Job! Can’t wait to see more.

here it is

[!] 10 MB [!]
sorry in behalf of locked exe format.
it’ll be commercial application. I hope so.

set up:
resolution 1280*1024
fps 40
no python sript :slight_smile:

first scene:
any key -switch to second scene

second scene:
Q -quit game
S -switch between sound source, sound off
space -run game(without moving control)

my computer configuration:
P4 2.6 Ghz
500 MB ram
Quadro 700/ 64 ram-(4 antialiasing on,8 anisotripic filtering on)

please post your fps etc.

thx jm

The download times out… hosted on somone’s home PC?

WOW :o

Greate texturing, and the fire from the ship’s engine is awsome! Keep up the good work! :Z

…no this isn’t, this page run on server.