Screen Recording Options

Hey. Some people like to upload videos of their BGE games to YouTube, so I thought I’d make a little list of some recoders that I’ve found in my travels around the net.

MSI Afterburner

Platform: Windows
Cost: Free
Description: Works pretty well. Can only record the OpenGL / DirectX surface of a window, so it can’t screen record like VirtualDub, but it works efficiently.


Platform: Windows
Cost: $37
Description: Pretty popular; I haven’t used it, though. I believe this records the OpenGL / DirectX surface, so it should work pretty quickly.


Platform: Windows
Cost: 3600 Yen (~$35.21)
Description: Another popular recorder. Haven’t used it. I believe this also records the OpenGL / DirectX surface, so it should work pretty quickly.


Platform: Windows
Cost: $39 (Demo available)
Description: Worked pretty well if I recall correctly. This records the OpenGL / DirectX surface, so it should work pretty quickly. It might also support recording of a “box” onscreen for non-3D accelerated game applications.


Platform: Windows
Cost: Free
Description: Good AVI splicer with a good screen recording function that can take a lot of tweaking to get just right. Doesn’t record the OpenGL / DirectX surface, so it can be slow, though it’s versatile.


Platform: Cross-platform (Java)
Cost: Free (Open-source)
Description: Work on this seems to be abandoned. I’ve known Krut to completely lose recording sometimes, which is pretty much horrible. I believe it records the screen, not the 3D app, so while it’s versatile, it can be slow.

Open Broadcaster Software

Platform: Windows only for now, though it seems like work is being done to expand this front
Cost: Free (Open-source)
Description: I’ve yet to use this, but I like open-source software, and development on it seems pretty active. I’ll have to try it out for my next vids.

EDIT: After having tried it out, I’m fairly impressed. It managed to capture a full-screen instance of SunVox while it ran choppily (due to screen capture + a CPU heavy song, of course), but more importantly, the audio played back perfectly. With some tweaking and adjustment, this might be better than VirtualDub for me.

My current setup is to use VirtualDub for applications that don’t use OpenGL or DirectX to draw things (i.e. old-school 2D games, SunVox, recording Blender as I do things, etc), and to use MSI Afterburner to record footage from 3D games (like my own BGE games). I also use Audacity to record a secondary source of audio apart from the screen recorder as necessary.

VirtualDub is a bit finicky, and requires some tweaking to get it to work well, without messing up the video after recording (due to low FPS). I’ll see if I can replace it with OBS if it works well.