Screen Recording to MOV?

Anyone know of a decent Screen Recording Setup to record your actions in MOC format? My Card isnt amazing, ATI Radeon X600 Mobile, but none the less i’d like to try it out.

And i want it MOV just because thats my favorite video format by far. Thanks! ( I also spose it wouldent need to be recorded in MOV, i could probably find a way to convert it, but whats the point of that lol )

I have no idea. o_O

Edit: Have you googled video format converter software? Or search on

Wrong forum category, but what the heck:

check out Wink… might do what you want. (Probably will have to convert to .mov, tho why would you when Wink will output flash - a much better format for sharing online - as well as other options…)

what do you mean by wrong forum? Sorry if this is true, but i’d like to correct my mistakes :slight_smile:

I use the open source version of CamStudio a lot. It makes AVI and SWF files.

You’ll probably have to find an AVI > MOV converter somewhere.

Well Wink turned out to be great, though i’ll try both to see which i like better.

There’s an Other Software category… no biggie, tho. Usually, its “anything goes” here…

So is all that stuff freeware, shareware, or what? (stuff=links to programs and sites)

sorry, thought other sofware was involving 3D or Graphics Creation/Modification.

Whereas this is kinda topic-less imo lol