Screen resolution when blendering

Just out of curiosity, what is your screen resolution when you’re blendering?
Mine’s 1280x1024

I would like to do multi-monitor Blender. I would love to be able to have views on one monitor, tools on another. That’s my wish list.

For now I’m at 1024x768.

1280x960 I like the 4:3 aspect ratio

I wish I could change my resolution, but it’s not my computer, it’s my family’s, so I can’t change it. If I could it would probably be 1024X768
but as for now it is 800X600…sigh… :-?

2048 x 768

On two monitors using a GF2MX DualHead using nView under Win2K. It’s close to perfect: 3D-views on one (right) screen, all the buttons I need on the other (left) screen.

2048 x 768 Duel Head GF4 TI 4600, I stretch Blender across two monitors