screen savers?

Pleas help! How do you make screen savers? I know that it is a run time but then what?
I know that it is possible. Look Doc.Holiday did it why cant I?:confused::confused::confused::confused:

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First you will need to learn the game engine (aka realtime engine), as this is needed for the screensaver. If you have it all set up, then simply go to File => Save runtime, this will save an EXE. If you rename the *.exe to *.scr - in Windows - then it will function as any other screensaver. Move it to your C:\Windows\System32\ directory, and it will show up among the other screensavers.
For an example, here is a screensaver of mine:

How do you change the “.exe” to “.src”?

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And lastly: The answer to your last question, you need to go to “Tools->folder options” in Explorer. Click the View tab and make sure that “hide extensions for known filetypes” is unchecked.

Now rename the file from .exe to .scr.