screen scrolling with 3d how ¿

how can i make it like this

sorry for beeing brief , i’m busy

just thinking out loud here is ther maybe a way to limit to a track or something?

there are a few ways to move the camera with a 2d scroller.

The easyest is with a Camera with an IPO, and triggers.
When the player bumps into or steps on a trigger the camera moves to the next IPO…

the triggers can be doorways, or killing things…

Are you talking about the progress bars? Since it’s basically a picture, you have to change the texture. It’s up to you how you want to do that. You could have tiny planes that represent each portion and keep adding or subtracting them, or changing colors. If you used a solid bar you could probably use an ipo and change the scale. You could probably also change the position of the texture on a plane. Having it clear on one side and sliding it over. You might could also do that with an ipo, just bend the part you can’t see straight back like a fold and use an ipo to change the position of the plane on the bend so the part you could see got longer.

i’m talking about moving along a path with just pressing right without other arrows (3d side scrolling)


Oh. I follow a path by placing down planes and using the trackto actuator, when you reach one you track the next. You could also use a pathfinding algorithm if you wanted to have more sort of intelligent movement.

ok , but what about a Blend , i will try it , thanks

Don’t have a blend for a recent revision, sorry. Little tip though, use a near sensor and change the target before you get to it. If you’re right on top of it the trackto actuator goes a little nuts. I put the next target information as a property of the plane. Then you can find it with the .getHitObject() function.