screen shots of vice city

look this is not porn i just want a link to a place were it shows the inside of a stip bar. because i never saw one on the game and i dont think there is so please prove it! :Z

there is one. maybe if you played the game for 10 min. you would go find it.

lame excuse to see porn buddy

<EDIT> theeth you need to check all these people’s with 1 post’s ip address’s…

no i cant find it just show me the picture of the place and i will be happy. :stuck_out_tongue:

lame excuse…

i dont own the game, and i dont have a pic of it, just go play it , and look for it


i cant find it i have looked every where!!!


MAYBE IF YOU SEARCHED ON GOODLE YOU COULD FIND ONE!!! gosh…dont ask people on forums to do the work for you. they wont. unless they are really really really bored

<EDIT> because…why the crap would you come to this forum asking this question anyways?! this forums is specically for blender and other 3d stuff, and a 2d forum. i know there is an offtopic, but that doesnt mean that you couldnt go to some otehr forum that is ENTIRELY off-topic.

i have why do you think i am asking on a BORD!!!

Come on, lets keep this clean.
and on topic.

You have to buy the strip club before you can go in it.

Actually, the reason he mightn’t have found it is because in many countries it was removed. The government actually banned it in Australia, and the makers were kind enough to remove the offensive bar for the Aussie

and joguy923 - Really, you said you don’t have the game and you’re spouting insults at him. I’d for one thing be interested to find out why they BANNED the game (not upped the rating) just cuz of one strip bar, yet let completely crap games like XXX Bike or something like that on the market? And this is off-topic dude, no matter how far off topic

Here we go:
It is located right here…

welp, there you go killer x…be happy.

sorry for insulting you, i never did mean it. i wasnt in the best mood, cause my sister had just ripped up my study sheet for my test.

Now that’s what I call a lame excuse! :stuck_out_tongue:

yup…but you wouldnt be happy if it happend to you either…you dont wanna know how hard she got thrown to the floor after she did that.

absolutely :-?

Re minds me of the time my cousin wrote all over my encylopedia of aviation (80$ book) I was so mad I drew all over her face with the pen then threw her accross the room (into a couch of coarse) :x . I got in so much trouble from that. Now she always wants me to babysit when my aunt and uncle want to do something :frowning: .

hey killer x maybe you should have checked in with this forum, I’m sure they would have been more then happy to give you the pic, I get these people comming to my site more than anyone which is not alot, because I was advertising my site on their forum, there kindof cool since al i’ve done was post one thing and just started talking specifically in that post, so maybe it’s for you.

either he was already a member…or he has posted 135 times in about a half hour

because there is a member called “Killer x” that makes sure he is always the last to post something in a thread…lol