screen space ambient occlusion

I haven’t even gotten anywhere near touching the glsl stuff in blender, and I was wondering have anyone tried implementing this?

We ain’t CryEngine2, sorry.

good one lol


It’s a post processing shader that works on the depthbuffer to fake the look of ambient occlusion, it’s not magic.

Here’s a thread on the subject:

Guys this is important. This process makes everything look incredible. That and realtime Subsurface scattering. It makes everything look so grood. Even a box. You can just stare at a box and go “Wow”

ssao is awesome. I dont know what language the shader is in, but its posted here:
it’d be awesome if it could be put in blender somehow; like as a custom filter

now 2d fillters can access the deph buffer!

That’d be great, but I’d prefer a decent culling system over it any day…