Screen Space Global Illumination for Eevee

@0451 you being mentioned in the blog means you were/are a big influence on the new SSGI movement for Eevee. I can say personally as someone who has fallin’ in love with Eevee you have made a large impact on my workflow and I sure others.

Thanks for you contribution!!!



YES made a large impact , THANK U

Now that we get SSGI in master ( thanks to you! ), do you have plans to work on something else?

An Eevee bevel shader would be really nice.
Now that Eevee will get a defered pipeline, that should actually become possible.
( I know that the Unigine engine has a screenspace bevel shader and that it requires a defered pipelne. )

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Hi. It is in the plans for the future, but it is not in Master yet.

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I personally understand the official one to be different from this version. AFAIK this branch uses SSR for the GI, which is kind of hacky and is also tricky to do. And I would expect the official one to be done using screen space raytracing, as it is mentioned in the blog post that SSGI would be one step closer to real-time raytracing. I believe it should be a different approach to SSGI that should be less hacky. At least that is what I hope it would be.