Screen Space Global Illumination for Eevee

Sure, not a problem. Looks like I can’t upload directly, let me know if these gdrive links don’t work for some reason.



Thanks for your work on this project btw. I’m a freelance 3D artist working for a broadcast client currently, and being able to use Eevee + SSGI instead of Cycles or Octane for offline renders has saved me… I don’t even know how many hundreds of render hours since I started using it, plus it makes hitting deadlines a lot less stressful.

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114_CompFix.diff (89.6 KB)

Can’t test it out on a build atm, but now applies cleanly on my end with master. Will do both this and 113 later cleaner so it’s shouldn’t matter if it’s applied to master or 2.93 lts.

I’m glad it’s been useful! Honestly I’m always bit surprised when I hear that, since it’s built around on how I use Eevee and there’s a lot of room to improve it.

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Perfect, this applies and builds without errors, and also runs without crashing (on MacOS 11.5 at least). Thanks again!

GI does seem to be bright green with half-res trace enabled, but looks normal with it disabled – I think this is a known issue though.

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i post this also here, ist this possible ? Go to the link.