Screencast image recording renumbering.

I used blender’s internal screen recorder to record a set of .jpg files that I am going to use for a tutorial. I used .jpg files becasue I want to use them in a written tutoiral as well as converting the images to an animated gif.

I started recording and got images from 001.jpg to 0476.jpg then I stopped the recorder to do something else and then changed the frame range setting in the render option panel to 477 to 5000. The documentation page at says that the screen recorder will use those numbers as the prefix for the images. But when I started recording again I got no images. I deternined that I was recording to the wrong directory/folder so I changed the the Output Directory/name in the render option panel to the correct folder and and changed the name in that folder to 04### and tried again.

This time the images recorded but they were not numbered from 0477.jpg upward.

How can I get the addon to take up the old sequence.