Screencast keys addon missing? (2.72)

There is an error in the user preferences that the ‘space_view3d_screencast_keys’ script is missing (I had it enabled under my previous settings).

Is there any reason for this? or was it just kicked out like the star feature in blender?

Any alternatives?

It was removed but I don’t remember why. There are a variety of programs out there that do that. QiPress for example.

It’s gone, and I miss it too. But there were legitimate reasons, just like for the stars removal. Stars was removed since it was never really finished in the first place (and was pretty poor, artistically speaking), screencast was removed because it failed to log a good number of keystrokes, caused conflicts in some places, and is better provided by a number of free alternatives for all platforms.

What are these stars you speak of?

Hi there is a replacement one that you can grab here

Thanks, I’ll check them out.

under Blender internal world settings, but was removed early 2.6 (2.62 or 2.63?). Basically added stars to the background.

you don’t need to replace it with alternative software .( unless you found something better :wink: ) the .py file still works it is just removed from the addons folder and won’t get any more updates. just open your previous blender version (you’ll find it in the blender folder) open the addons file and copy the screencast_keys py file. open the 2.72 blender addons folder and paste the .py straigt in there. activate in the addons menu and you’re away

You can get it here:

They (I believe it was Campbell) disabled it because they kept getting bug reports that they couldn’t fix because of major architectural issues. They figured anyone willing to download and install the add on manually wouldn’t report bugs anymore and would use it at with lower expectations that if it were included with blender.

One of the other problems with it was that it would only work in the 3D view. So if you were working full screen in the compositor, your keystrokes wouldn’t show up.

Do feature removals like this documented in the release notes anywhere? I checked but didn’t see anything…

I feel like I saw it, but I’m not sure.

Thank you! It worked!

The problem with the screencast keys addon was that it would not display certain key combinations. According to the devs, fixing this would require deep changes to Blender core. So it makes sense that it was removed as it was basically lying to you…

I should’ve added the quote. I was referring to how to get it back, as buggy as it is. Small Troll posted that the script is still in the old versions of blender, so you can just add it back as an add-on and ta-da! haha. Unfortunate that it is buggy, but it’s still better than what I have atm, which is nothing, hahaha.