ScreenFilters and OverlayScene

I used “bloom” and game HUD in overlay scene.
game object environment e.t.c. is blooming, its cool. Or game on screen interface, life-bar< mini-map shell-counter e.t.c. blooming to… its crap.
How to make so that the filter did not influence on overlay scene.

anybody know?


By the name of his thread, it seems obvious that he is.

A far as I know (though I’ve not messed with the 2d filters very much), 2d filters are applied after all rendering is complete. Once all of the 3d is rendered to the 2d image projected on your screen, the 2d filter steps in and messes with the image.

So… the short answer is probably that, if using a 2d filter, you can’t not bloom the HUD.

However, there’s got to be some way to have bloom only effect 1 scene… so maybe a graphics guru can help you out. Also check out Ruinas (a graphics demo, it was in the BGE competition) … I feel like it has some sort of HUD but also uses Bloom.


If I find the answer I will write here.