ScreenPlay (Open Source Wallpaper Engine) needs a Steam trailer

Hi all,

I’m Elias Steurer (Kelteseth) and the developer of ScreenPlay.

ScreenPlay is an open source cross platform app for displaying Video Wallpaper, Widgets and AppDrawer. It is written in modern C++17/Qt5/QML. Binaries with workshop support are available for Windows and soon Linux & MacOSX via Steam.

Steam requires to have a trailer before you can start early access. For this I created a basic blender scene with a computer that “runs” ScreenPlay with a Screen shader. The inspiration here is clearly the Inkscape trailer below. It only needs to be a simple trailer with some up-beat music. The video should not get longer than a minute or two displaying the features of ScreenPlay. This is only a rough plan on how it should look. There is no storyboard yet. Ideas are always welcome.

The trailer files are hosted on gitlab with a guide on how to setup the project:

If you want to help out you can join our discord or forum and send me a pm!

The inkscape video:

Also you can always make awsome wallpaper based on your Blender creation via a Video Wallpaper Wiarzd :slight_smile: