i have access to windows, mac and linux… i prefer working on mac most of the time, but i can’t screenrecord the blender window, because of the ongoing crappy Apple drivers (i even use a special build of blender 2.46 that has stuff disabled like GE or physics support to work around that problem).

I’ve been trying different screenrecorders for linux (ubuntu) and the one that seems to work well and has the features i want is RecordMyDesktop… the only problem i have with it is the mouse doesn’t show in the video while it’s moving; it only appears when it’s stopped.
can anyone share their experience in regards to which screenrecorders they find best and why?

I prefer screenrecorders that work on Linux and are free of charge, but feel free to post your experience with programs on other operating systems.

Hey there, Sorry not much of a mac fan…:smiley: but i know of a free screen recorder for windows. CamStudio, you can download it here


Try getting a more recent SVN build (within the past couple of days). I compiled one yesterday, and no more bugs with nodes or background images on my MBP.

As for screen recorders, there aren’t many free or OSS ones out there for OSX worth trying (that I’ve found).

On linux, there’s a program called recordmydesktop you might look at.