Screens question

I am using ver. 2.57b. I was setting up some screens I guess, and when I went to the screen list I had the default screen and all of the other normal ones and I also had “default .001, 002, 003” both I guess regular and full which I did not want. So I deleted those screens. Except I am stuck with a "default.004 screen, both plain and full, and I can not get rid of them! The rest went away but when I click on the .004 ones blender just hangs up and I have to exit out of the program to restore control. It does not seem to be a major sort of issue but it has me perplexed! I really would like to know what the heck is going on here. Any help would be appreciated because this is making me nuts!

Also the temps files are doing the same thing! If I could just delete them I think that things would be fine. Can’t figure it out though.

Never mind, I figured it out. I am using two monitors. On my second one I have a full screen view while on my first one I have top, front, side and camera views. I duplicated the first screen with Crrl+Alt+W and pulled it over to my second monitor and put top view into full screen for editing purposes. I just had to use the correct screen to get rid of unwanted other screens. This new interface is confusing! If you use Ctrl+Alt+W does this create a second instance of blender? In a way it seems that it may but still all of the screens seem to function together. How strange!

Thank you!