I am buying a new computer. it is allready ordered but now I realized that I need a special plug for my graphic card if I want two screens. this is what some spec of the graphic card: PCIe - SLI - 2xDVI - TV-Out - ViVo - HDTV

So I guess I need to buy a screen with DVI. Correct me if I am wrong.
that is the screen I want to buy:

so Now I need to know what is the best.

I don’t understand the contrast ratio thing. What is better 700:1 or 600:1?

thank you in advence for your answers

if u r tight on money for monitors, u can get one of those dvi-to-vga adapter which i have 1 of.

My ATI Radeon 9550 have a vga, a DVI, and a s-video plug. I have 2 identical VGA monitor and bought the adapter for only like $4 from a local computer store (the kind that mods, not just repair) and now I have a dual screen set-up.

Some video card have it packaged with it and If a computer store don’t have a adapter but one of those videocard then u might be able to request to buy the adapter from the box. That what I did when I was looking for it.

My ATI 9200SE also has one VGA and one DVI.
I just added a DVI to VGA plug like Nerddragon suggested and it works out of the box.

The bigger, the better. 700:1 means that the brightest possible color the monitor can show (pure white) is 700 times as bright as the darkest possible color (pure black). Also, remember to take the numbers with a grain of salt.

ok thanks all of you for your replys.

I am going to buy it today. But I can’t wait for all the other pieces to come…

it takes so long:(

I have like 3 of those DVI convertor things, they just keep coming.


Just bought my new screen… it is really nice.

it was the cheapest 19" they had and it came with farcry…(in german unfortunatly)

I am really happy with it. and I can improve my german

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yea I think I really need to improve my german.

could you translate caus I am not sur if google translator was write

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LOL If he meant in the game there is not problem… cause my grapfic card sucks right now so I can’t play.

and in real life… maybe with paintballs.

You’re from Switzerland and cannot understand very basic German?

Hey I’ve lived in germany for 3 and half year before and still don’t know any german cause there was not much of a need to learn it when there was quite a numbder of english speaking people there.

well I usualy can understand pretty good. but there is always some things that I don’t understand. I understand more when I hear it.

I learned german in swisse school for a long time, but I didn’t learn much. but 4 years ago I went to an american school where I drop german to learn english. and since I didn’t learn german and I am loosing the little I knew.

and living in the french part of switzerland wont help neither.

I lived two years in hungary and I just learned how to say hi. :smiley:

Good point propably… I live in Africa and I can only understand a few basic phrases in Xhosa and Zulu.