Screenshot Extra Extra!!!

(SolarLune) #2161

That’s pretty cool. You could add an outer shock ring and perhaps just fade the color of the flames out rather than “crunching” it back on itself at the end. Maybe you could adapt some of the advice from this tutorial- I know it helped me with my explosions awhile back.

(sdfgeoff) #2162

I’ve seen that page, and it inspired some of this explosion, and more of the one that I’m current making.

This explosion is small. It’s designed to be for a small missile, and hence adding a shock-wave is a little out of place. Fear not, the one I’m current making is bigger, and will have a nice blast ‘ring’
Here’s the explosion in situ:
(Yes, it is cropped, there is more of a cockpit than that.)

(sdfgeoff) #2163

Here’s another explosion:

(Qareeb S Alhaqq) #2164

sdfgeoff haha nice one! :yes:

(BluePrintRandom) #2165

(PlanetKiller) #2166

sdfgeoff I like the blue boom, BPR, good stuff. I’d post some screens, but I’m using unity now. I’ll still use blender for models, but unity has some advantages (like the ability to use blend files and modify textures for separate instances of the same object). My first game is on my wordpress.

(CG Sky) #2167

Here´s a game i´m currently working on.
It´s going to be finished soon.

(PlanetKiller) #2168

Looks puzzling, is it a puzzle game?

(socker) #2169

Hello guys! It’s been a while since i posted here.
Here’s my latest project. It’s a Tower Defense / Semi-RTS game. This screenshots show the GUI which is still WIP, some unit controlling and an Air Factory i finished texturing just yesterday :wink:

(system) #2170

@socker@ It looks pretty clean and glowing :slight_smile:

Testing the new improved models,spin attack, animations and textures in the level for my project.


(PlanetKiller) #2171

Yay, it’s Fenice, and my favorite game to watch the progress of. I like the art style, very cartoonish. I wonder if I can get a similar toon effect in unity. May be worth checking out (both your game and unity’s shaders) when I’m done with PlanetClicker.

(Qareeb S Alhaqq) #2172

socker: nice stuff dude! starcraft fan haaahaha

Fenice: great work I love it :yes:

(system) #2173

hanzo – Thanks :slight_smile:
PlanetKiller --Thanks,the toon effect is all done by the textures and lamps since I’m not using any shader script.

This are the two lamps which I use for the game:

This is an example of the game textures shading and color:


Good luck with your project :slight_smile:

(Dhaher) #2174

It’s about time i start doing something again with blender. :slight_smile: Here’s a test scene I made in a couple of hours:

As you might imagine the modelling and logic took no more than 15 minutes. Most of my time went into experimenting with effects, shaders, and overall “composition”. This little scene served as a proof of concept for the style of graphics I might adapt for a platformer.

(Qareeb S Alhaqq) #2175

:yes: my latest works

(esoneson) #2176

Every one here are doin amazing works !
It rly show the potentials of the bge, i love it !

Anyway here are an video showing the latest progress of “the wizard prodject” hope u like it :slight_smile:

(PlanetKiller) #2177

Does the game engine have to be blender if the models are done in blender? If so, just check out Miss. Very Naked in my sig to see what I am doing.

(CG Sky) #2178

My work on my game STARS

(system) #2179

My latest side-scroller project which I’m currently starting to develop


(sbkodama) #2180

Hello, after some works on objectives and tutorial for my cs project,
I try to improve its grass areas with modeled plants instead of textured planes.