Screenshot Extra Extra!!!

(esoneson) #2201

yeah they are all rigged, been working hard on the AI script in order to optimize it as much as possible.

I’m aiming to get it simple and easy to understand, so I’m very pleased whit that answer :slight_smile:

Thx 4 your feedback!

(PlanetKiller) #2202

Here is a recent vid of what I am doing, models made in Blender.
Stayed up until 2am finishing the item-pickup module. Forgot to turn off the extra light, so everything looks washed out.

(PlanetKiller) #2203

@esoneson, you can turn off antialising for textures in the uesr settings for blender, see how that looks, sometimes it can make for a unique art style (esp with bump-mapping). It can also save a bit of processor power, but I’m thinking more about looks (retrofied). Having multiple animated characters on-screen is great, and the characters look good. Remember to back your project up periodically, my HD died suddenly and I was glad to have current backups.

(PlanetKiller) #2204

@blenderrendersk, that looks good. I like the art style and combat system. Animations are simple, which I have found to be the best way to handle them. Currently I’m taking a short break from Fragment (have everything setup for crafting and growing stuff) to learn how to create AI in Unity. I’m creating a small sci-fi adventure and will be uploading some spacecraft parts to OpenGameArt later with textures in both blend and fbx formats. I’ll edit here with the link later.

Edit : three Days Ship

(carlo697) #2205

Screenshot from my game for the BGMC.

I hope I finish it before the challenge end :slight_smile:

(ChristopherB) #2206

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen,
Firstly, I’d like to apologize for my bad English, it’s not my first language :slight_smile:
Here are some screenshots from an old project that I was working on, I’ve stopped working on it for now unfortunately.
The plot is similar to Hard Truck: Apocalypse’s plot, though with a lot darker an atmosphere and a bit simpler - like there are no weapons on the roof of the truck.

Engine is off, lights on:

The inside of the cab, looking to the right: (yes, this is a three stick shifter :))

Chase cam, engine is on, all lights on:

All criticism is welcome. :slight_smile:

(Ace Dragon) #2207

Still, it’s a rather unethical thing to crack a program even if you’re only using it for fun (it’s likely the administration in the Unity forums will respond with a full-on ban of your membership).

You might as well stick with the BGE and learn how to code your own 2D filters then, better that than becoming a pirate.

I’d love to post more Blender Game Engine screenshots but sadly I haven’t been working with it for over four months. And the engine itself hasn’t been moving a whole ton ever since

The only way to really get the BGE moving is a paid development position specifically or partly for BGE bugfixing and enhancements (Moguri’s 3 month part-time contract under the BF for example). However, the BF doesn’t really have the money right now to hire enough developers to work on all areas of Blender at once (see the VSE and particle system functionality).

It’s pretty much the main reason why Blender itself is even relevant these days in the industry in general, it can theoretically become the same for the BGE.

(killa2471) #2208

game im working on,

(carlo697) #2209

Some screenshots of my survival game that I’m making:

Inventory (I’m still programing it, and the buttons are in spanish…):

Tree cutting:

(sbkodama) #2210

A kind of futuristic motorbike for my “futur race” game.

(PlanetKiller) #2211

Carlo697, that is awesome. I like how you cut that tree down, how’d you make that mechanic? Swap objects, add physics to the top part, maybe an animation? Anyway, I think hexagons are awesome, thus a map I’m building out of hexagons.

(sbkodama) #2212

Hello, here a new vehicule for my futur race.

(system) #2213

Its been such a long time since i used Blender so as warm up project im currently working on a Halloween game prototype :slight_smile: hope you like it.


(PlanetKiller) #2214

@Reaper while I’m not to fond of Halloween, that does look good. As a suggestion, a low-powered hemi light with a dark color (bluish) might give more atmosphere. Not sure about the current blender, but older blenders had problems with sun lamps at different angles; a hemi light with the same or greater power solved the issue (and softens shadows). I never baked shadows before, but it may also help with your game (if you want shadowy areas without messing with too many lights). The trees are great, kinda like paper mario. I hope you successfully complete it.

(AllanOcelot) #2215

Working on a simple 2.5d Christmas game, going to try and turn it into a tutorial for some of the younger BGE users.
Progress after one night. (some snowmen on a snowball target range).

(sdfgeoff) #2216

My space ship has changed a little since I posted it on this thread months ago. It now looks like:

And I had a go making a cave:

Yeah, that water moves nicely as well. I’m pretty pleased with it. The cave is box-mapped as well, so is completely seamless. I like texture nodes now.

(sdfgeoff) #2217

The blend that cave is in is actually part of a graphics demo I’m doing to improve my GLSL node skills. It includes a whole host of tricks, including:

  • My lighting manager, so it has lots of lights scattered all over the place
  • The Water
  • The box-mapped cave
  • The fire in that lamp is a texture, not sprites
  • Configurable GLSL mist

However, there are a few more polygons I want to add around the place, so give it a couple of days. Then I’ll give you (and the rest of BA) a blend.

(Qareeb S Alhaqq) #2218

my godzilla fan tribute, all 3d made with blender realtime screenshot… Godzilla model by Thevoid75

(PlanetKiller) #2219

@ hanzo, my friend would like that.

I like the remesh modifier, the music gets repetitive, but I used blender to add the music.

Blender is now my first choice for modeling, game engine, and video editing.

(sdfgeoff) #2220

Blender is now my first choice for modeling, game engine, and video editing
Same here. I even use it for image format conversion if I don’t have gimp with me. (Ie flash drive)

Instead of starting with a plane and subdividing, would it be faster to start with a vertex and extrude?

Looking great hanzo