Screenshot Extra Extra!!!

(PlanetKiller) #2221

For the last one I did start with a vertex and extrude. I use a plane when the thing I am creating is small, but starting with a vertex is easier. I’m currently working on a tutorial for quickly editing videos and making the output render a little faster.

(PlanetKiller) #2222

A bump with wip title screen and boat. I’ll be working on the dungeon in the opening later.


(carlo697) #2223

More screenshots of my survival game, I’m still scripting things about the inventory, the new things now are:
-Lenguaje system, there is 2 lenguages: spanish and english.
-Crafting system.
-First steps to draw weapons.
-Added: rocks, a string, a crafted knife and a crafted spear (still in development, I don’t know if spear is the correct word…lance?), and the stick are now texturized.
-Fixed some bugs.

Drawing a crafted knife. The hand is not texturized, I tried to do it, but it was hard, and the result was ugly and weird, if you want to do it, please send a message.

Looking the inventory.

Crafting system, the necessary materials are at the left, and the necessary tools at the right, as you can see, the preview of the necessary tools is not done.

(system) #2224

Wip Toon project

@PlanetKiller Thanks for the tips i will make sure to apply them :slight_smile:

(Skormeus) #2225

Finally started texturing

(cam.dudes) #2226

Looks good… but the shoulder is higher quality than the rest?

(BluePrintRandom) #2227

(RockyMadio) #2228

this game looks cute :smiley:

(sdfgeoff) #2229

Graphics complete. Player movement complete. Generation Algorithm Incomplete
This is you:

Here is where you’re trying to get:

I’ve built the generation algorithm in C before for an embedded systems paper, so i think it’ll only take an afternoon to dump it into blender. And if it can run on that thing with 16mhz cpu and next-to-no ram, it should be able to run on our modern PC’s fine.

(Skormeus) #2230

you rock sdfgeoff

(mpan3) #2231


If anyone is curious why the polycount is so high, I am not really going anywhere with this scene. Just a tech demo.

(CG Sky) #2232

Whaaaaaaaa!! You are kidding right? This is Bge?!! I knew it! I knew it was worth sticking to the engine!

(Qareeb S Alhaqq) #2233

test screen CREEP!

(CG Sky) #2234

Looks cool as a start. Now you can use your guns for a project :smiley:

(Qareeb S Alhaqq) #2235

going to start using these with mindshock to get out games going lil stronger hehe…

(tobiasniva) #2236

Picked up my old “point-n-click-adventure-game” once again…

(PlanetKiller) #2237

Two Months without an update to this thread.

(3dmedieval) #2238

8 bit style map, Planetkiller? Fun!

A castle building project I’m working on. Snap together pieces to create all sorts of castles and dungeons easily. For more images + info, see the link in my signature.

(richartkeil) #2239

A little scene I put up yesterday night, don’t know whether I should go further with it :slight_smile:


(Qareeb S Alhaqq) #2240

wow! nice screen… good textures lots of pretty filters… :smiley: