Screenshot Extra Extra!!!

(BluePrintRandom) #2261

Kevin already has a working prototype of this for the lundum dare,

he is saying I may be able to use it for wrectified :smiley:

I have a tile set now thanks to Laurent !

it’s everything I have been asking for, but still needs some minor adjustments, and light hooks for a dynamic lighting generator,

(adriansnetlis) #2262

Some incredible texture test…

(3dmedieval) #2263

Parralax (spelled that wrong) mapping. Very nice, but a bit fussy to achieve. You need to do it with nodes, which are not as fast in the ge. Can’t wait until we have paralax map option in the standard material slots. Like the normal map tick box.

(adriansnetlis) #2264

In most of occasions nodes are faster than standart shader, especially when we talk about normalmaps(I tried node water that had normalmap setup and internal normalmap water and node one looked 2x better and was 3x faster).

(Haker23) #2265

As I embarked on this NPC modelling journey, something made me want to dub this guy “Bane Beaver”.

“Nobody cared who I was, until I put on the mask.”

For my re-entry-into-the-community project; Tree Surgeon Simulator.

See: and

(laifa) #2266

(3dmedieval) #2267

Cranky dinosaur. Love how the guy just stands there. Very nice!

(TwisterGE) #2268

Working on a GUI system for the BGE :slight_smile:

(adriansnetlis) #2269

I like the color sliders a lot. If you later make some tutorials, I will obiouvsly use this for my game menus;)

(drSimba) #2270

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(drSimba) #2271

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(dmills) #2272

Nice, what type of system are you going for? Something more modular, like css, or structured/declarative like java Swing?

(adriansnetlis) #2273

My racing game screenshots:)

(adriansnetlis) #2274


Blender Game Engine real-time art

(deeempa89) #2275

I’ve tried to do a style that was leaned more at drawings than realism. Not sure that it’s a suceess. Hard stuff. Both the black and White and the one in color comes direct from the Engine with no post production. What do you think?

(ChaosEmergency) #2276

Character so far.

A bit of clipping on the kneck.

(adriansnetlis) #2277

Just maxed out BGE graphics:D

(adrian120396) #2278

Great job, to all who came before :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: !!!
Some T-rex World Screenshots

Regina attacking a Triceratops(Player operated)

Troodon with “Night Vision” implemented(Player operated)

Regina defending her nest for a troodon nest raider(Player operated)

(adriansnetlis) #2279

The last one looks really good. Because of the lighting. But how much resources does the shadows eat?

(adrian120396) #2280

Depends on the environment.
In the T-rex Levels(40-60FPS), the Sun-lamp is parent to the character(with a vertex parent so it doesn’t rotate), but on the AI test level(Where I play as the Troodon and Dromaeosaurus) It is one big Sun-lamp that covers the whole area(25-45FPS).
In the final version, all characters will have there own Sun-lamp, and it will be relatively small and weak.