Screenshot Extra Extra!!!

(Attackapaca) #2281

Dynamic super-fast DoF! (Shots from a game about fighting hipsters)

Other stuff in the game:
-random, procedurally generated multi-story buildings
-procedural destruction
-light rays n’ other pretty stuff
-light-based stealth
-randomly generated hipsters, featuring fedoras, 'staches, sunglasses

(adriansnetlis) #2282


A few containers that LioKon made for this game. I think that they look very good!:slight_smile:

(deeempa89) #2283

Where can I download all these effects? You could do a lot with them, the volumetric light is really cool!

(MarvinCJames) #2284

Screenshots of a tack test

(adriansnetlis) #2285

Looks cool!:slight_smile:

(Jacob White) #2286

Some of my latest scene, for some reason the hud won’t display the ammo right now. Currently I am working on scene optimizations, assets, and just began weapon customizations (scopes barrels, mags, etc.).

(John Hamilton) #2287

Working on a game asset. Do any of you know of any good tutorials on texturing ?

(MarvinCJames) #2288

They look great, a tutorial would be nice :slight_smile:

(MarvinCJames) #2289

In-game screenshot

​Festival of Speed

(the camera angle is a glitch) :slight_smile:

(mindshockstudio) #2290

just wanted to post an update on what we’ve been up to…

(adriansnetlis) #2291

Wow… Nice assets!:slight_smile:

(mindshockstudio) #2292

adriansnetlis thanks so much for your comments,

we added new video M4 from our guns collection, changed flight controls for helicopter. going to add bad guys next…

(adriansnetlis) #2293

You should improve placement and angle of gun. Try watching some AAA game titles and see how the weapon is placed and how the controls feels comfortable imediately;) Otherwise it looks very good:)

(adrian120396) #2294

T-rex World

More here

(mindshockstudio) #2295

cypher2012: very interesting game idea also nice modelling and atmosphere…

adrian120396: love the dino models normal maps look great. I’d use a bit more mellow colours like elephant, crocodile and hippo though, some how the colours just look unnatural to me, great work in any case…

desert dogs WW3 new screens, jet fighter :slight_smile: !

also some updates on the shooter level we are working on, now v3.0

(TwisterGE) #2296

So, for UPBGE, I modified the Cook-Torrance specular model to look more physically accurate. This is the result:

(RockyMadio) #2297

Using freestyle for rendering. it quitely makes cute outlines from 3d models

(this is an image that is shown in the first level of my game)

(MarvinCJames) #2298

Looks very cool :slight_smile:

(MarvinCJames) #2299

Climbing to get the the top

(MarvinCJames) #2300

The Sun