Screenshot Extra Extra!!!

(deeempa89) #2321

I’ve always loved the way fast-concept-art looks, the way it’s beautiful and simple at the same time. Sometimes even better than the game itself. I wanted to recreate that looks well as I could in this screenshot from a realtime scene. This is most likely the render method I’ll use in my upcoming BGMC entry. (Yes, I’ll take part.)

(TwisterGE) #2322

This is one of the test scenes we’ve made to stress test our new framebuffer implementation for 2D Filters in UPBGE. I’ve used a lens flare filter and a SSAO filter.

(BluePrintRandom) #2323

it looks wonderful,

(adriansnetlis) #2324

So you finally got the FBOs in? Amazing!
Just asking - is it planned to implement 16 color-bit depth support for color, normal and depth buffers after 0.1 milestone? Good luck with the project!:slight_smile:

(TwisterGE) #2325

(DragonLEE) #2326

Tetridge - Trailer

(Grenzer) #2327

That castle scene gave me some resident evil 4 flashbacks, great job!

(TwisterGE) #2328

Testing Refractions and Realtime Cube maps in UPBGE. The second sphere has a static cube map, and the fake roughness is achieved with texture lod + stencils.

(BluePrintRandom) #2329



(nomet) #2330

BGE Ingame Test Scene.

(aosnec) #2331

The real-time BGE render (FFMPEG capture). Or… not FFMPEG capture. The native capturing is Fraps. FFMPEG capturing the not good. Frames not smooth changed. Any idea how to fix in FFMPEG?

(leonnn) #2332

I don’t know if you guys saw this, it’s an old project but here it is.

Fully made on BGE.

(BluePrintRandom) #2333

UPBGE - Wrectified - Hacktress - SSS

(DragonLEE) #2334

Miner. Namı değer maryo.

(mindshockstudio) #2335

screenshots on the cobra level with tanks and soldiers being your main enemy.

(TwisterGE) #2336

(mindshockstudio) #2337

TwisterGE nice screen, looks to be a really good shader setup.

updated the level added some better FX, skydome, backdrop and some new models

(JohnyBGooD) #2338

Somewhere on Zibylon - sci fi puzzle-stealth.

(Qareeb S Alhaqq) #2339

JohnyBGooD, OO


(MarvinCJames) #2340

Screenshot time :slight_smile: