Screenshot Extra Extra!!!

(TwisterGE) #2341

Demo of the new UPBGE planar reflection code

(Cako_SK) #2342

The Ball :slight_smile: Level 1

(Qareeb S Alhaqq) #2343

Nice screenshot dude, you very professional… :wink:

(TwisterGE) #2344

I made the car paint shader out of try and error.
The light glow is using a bloom filter based on a new UPBGE feature.

(MarvinCJames) #2345

Some more screenshots :smiley:

Working on trees

(RyceKaeks) #2346

So I have been trying to find a way of making skin in Blender without it looking Plastic or Chalk and came up with this.

I ended up using a ramp for color and a Node based highlight to get something similar to Fallout 4 and other games (11.6 MB)

(RyceKaeks) #2347

Been working on assets for a Vanilla Blender Game i am working on.
Spent about 2 hours.

(mindshockstudio) #2348

just want to post a video of our latest NPC for our first person shooter horror game CREEP…

(RyceKaeks) #2349

Here is what i build with a modular kit i made all in a week for a school project.

(Leanardoe) #2350

Items from a game I’m working on

(Qareeb S Alhaqq) #2351

nice game assets you guys great work! :wink:

(Olm-Z) #2352

From a WIP VR project, with architecture from lost Palmyra temple of Bel, based on #newpalmyra project (

(jesusmora) #2353

i’m working on a procedurally generated terrain with diferent meshes that join into a batch group (upbge). this is what i got so far:

it uses a nested list, it creates nodes, checks what node is the closest to the tile and if it’s water or grass, then it checks the four directions and replaces the grass with a corner from a dictionary. i’m now trying to get rid of the square look, make it more rounded.

(Olm-Z) #2354

and a virtual gallery reinterpretting the paintings of
using oculus DK2 (tks Martinsh for the wrapper) I wish there was support for Vive on linux for the game engine one of these days …

(Qareeb S Alhaqq) #2355

wow nice…

(mindshockstudio) #2356

“The Ball Game” code name. I just posted an updated demo of our work thus far…
Pure blending dudes… enjoy

(RyceKaeks) #2357

A Simple Demo i Made using only blender for everything ,This was Kind of a test to see what i can do in only a Week.
it has a few hidden and unlock-able items with a simple enemy.
Credit to:
ThaTimster for Bloom Filter.
Poliigon For the Materials I used In the Baking Process.

Demo Down Here:
File Size 180MB

(jesusmora) #2358

i made this prototipe game in upbge 0.2.2, i made the assets in blender 2.77
it’s supposed to be a tabern, it needs more work. i was testing the 2dfilters and character (the minotaur will be replaced with a character) and then took a screenshot.

what do you think?

(Tattorack) #2359

Soft particles. Controller vibration. I’m really feeling the improvements of using UPBGE ^^
Good to see at least some developers have faith in the GE.

(RyceKaeks) #2360

Very Nice Interior.

how many materials you use?
Also whats the number of Objects in scene?