Screenshots of my entry for the contest!

Couple of shots of my game, it’s called Dangerous Waters. Your trying to stop Drug Dealers and Gun Runners from delivering their cargos while avoiding the Ferry Boats.


that looks great jrt, and i see you got ripples on your boat, is that
the uvscroll script by any chance?I really like the idea you have for
the mini game reminds me of GTA :smiley:

Thanks friedbrain. Yes I am using a uvanim script, it’s the one that’s been around for a long time. Still don’t know who wrote it, if I did I’d give them credit for it in the game.

I was going to use to use Lagans watergen script too but as he is in the contest I thought it was a bit cheeky. It plays quite good though as it is. I’ve just got a bit more work to do.

looks cool dude.

That looks like a cool game jrt :slight_smile:

An interesting concept jrt. I’ll be looking forward to playing it :slight_smile:

Thanks very much guys. I’m generally pleased with how it’s going, just a couple of bugs.

Getting the guns and torpedos to shoot consistantly straight in all 360 degree angles seems to be a problem. I’ve got them tracking to an empty parented to the ship at the moment to try to make them go where the gun aims but in certain places they go in an arc to get there. Maybe when I post it someone will see a solution.

The other problem I had was with the sound on the main boat. I had it running with a script changing the pitch but when several sounds came at the same time Blender dropped the one on the script. I’ve done a bit of a hack for the moment. It’s not so good but OK.


looks fun!

good luck.

Looks really promising. What about adding a sky?

The surface of the landscape needs a better texture.

thats really good. Sweet job man.

Thanks again ppl.

Pepius I did try a daytime sky but it kind of spoiled the whole thing. Also the explosions didn’t show up very good. If I have time I’ll try making an alien sky in Bryce.

R2Blend, when I started the game the limit was 2mb so I keep all the textures very small. I think I may have overdone it a little as it’s less than 700 kb packed with all the sounds at present. LOL!


the game looks pretty awesome even with the textures and no sky gives it the night yet daytime feeling if u understand that lol, maby you could add a tree here and there to give it more feel?

Thanks Grimreaper. At the moment I’m concentrating on game play. So far on my computer it plays really well but I still have quite a long way to go. I keep thinking of themes for other levels but I don’t think there’ll be more than one in the contest entry.

If I have any time left at the end I’ll try to improve the look of the game. Unfortunately the real world keeps calling…Darn it!!


what’s with the sky???

Looks Good!
How did u make the good looking water?