Screenshots+Video of Lander Game

This is screenshotsand a video of the game i am working on called lander which is based on the original lander where you have to carefully manuver a pod onto a platform without too much velocity. I just added a working minimap that rocks :slight_smile: anyway here is the link. Will probably have a demo comming within the week. Rather :expressionless: make that next week between 7/11-14/11 :wink:



your link dont work or the picture doesn’t load…

Nope, the picture doesn’t load. I don’t see anything. :frowning:

Looks Like a Space simulator

if this game is like i think it is i would Realy much like to play it when it is done :smiley:

am planning on making a simalar one like this lol, i got the idea from :smiley: i dont think i spelt dat right lol, looking good there dude :smiley:

YEAHHH…there was a game like this on the C-64, but underground too…it was really hard :frowning:
by the way the boosters looks cool, some alphas i suppose?

Looks like this’ll be pretty neat! I’m really looking forward to a demo and eventually a final release.

Oh, and this is probably a really easy question, but how do you get those statistics in the upper-left corner?

heh :smiley: yeah up there by file add timeline game render and help click on render and then on the show framerate and profile option.

thanks for the support guys if you have any ideas for imroving the gameplay please say i am having a creators block :frowning:

So far you can fly around and land on platforms and pick up fuel. Was thinking of maybe making so you have to rescue people or something but cant see how to make that interesting.

am planning on making a simalar one like this

I was too… Lol, lack of time, can’t do too much things. Hmm, I see you have mist up. So are you able to see your next landing point each time or is there a little directional thingy that leads you along the correct path.

Everything is looking pretty good so far. Hmm, in comparison to the 2D lander, they had rocks and stuff jutting out so if you collided into one you would blow up. What makes it more fun is that it had danger involved. Hmm, since it’s 3D maybe one of the levels can have falling rocks (slow ones because you’re in lower gravity, supposedly).

Jason Lin

so far it has a mini map that shows the landing points but still working on all the details of how its gonna work and why but its comming along :wink:

Here is some video of what i have so far:

This looks Cool, i realy want to play it when it is done :smiley: