Screenwriting Software

I’ve been on Linux for a short few months now, and i’ve taken to like the cool text-editors that are optimized for HTML, C++, etc, so…

Does anyone know of free Linux GUI-based screenwriter?



Heck yeah! I could go for one on windows, myself, though.

Anybody got anything?


What’s a “screen writer” exactly? If it is sw that takes text and allows you to scroll it like tv/movie titles then why not try… Blender! Else try searching Source Forge for “digital effects”

No. It is a specialized word processor. Set up to format dialog, scene settings and whatever else is needed in screenplays and scripts. You could use any word processor, but some built in tools would be helpful.

Here is one program that you might find useful: .

microsoft has a screenplay template. it works with and kword, and abiword also. its free, and if you cant find it, i can provide you with a copy. its a very nice template, it autoformats everything where it should go in the form of a script/screenplay.

Heya DAC!

Hook us up!

(for some definitions of GUI) :smiley:

about the only good thing to come out of microsoft, how sad.

Here’s one.

It’s designed for scriptwriting.

It’s designed for collaboration over the internet using their server.


It’s free.

It’s available in Windows, Mac & Linux.

wow! celtx is NOICE!!!

Good stuff, my brother and I have been using it to colaborate over the internet easily. Great stuff, thanks for the info!

Beat me to it … i se this :slight_smile:


Did anyone read the forum thread over at Blenderwars about Celtx? Food for thought…

I have a screenwriting program I’m writing called Script Ease. It will be released under a GPL license. It’s written in Delphi 2 for 32 bit machines. The only problem I’m currently having is that the RichPrint memo I’m using is limited to 64K … not nearly enough for a script. There are cheats I could do, but I won’t go that route. There are components available that break that barrier, but none that are free, and I don’t have the money to buy them yet. :frowning:

I tried both Movieplanner and Celtx. Movieplanner is very nice but lacks support for the actual script, but it seems very nice for planning and managing production for a large project. Celtx looked nice initially but I don’t like it’s userinterface. I think it has some distance to go before it will actually be usefull to me (for example: I couldn’t find a way to remove a project from the database).

I’m looking forward to any other new developments but I’m also thinking of whipping something up myself (would be windows-only for starters, sorry for that). I’m thinking about the production management features of Movieplanner combined with scriptwriting and management according to industry standards (as shown in Celtx).

hey guys, i installed movie planner last night ( on xp ) and it did some evil thing to my os ( xp ) and killed explorer,…i may have to take it into the shop, but be cautioned! [!]

well nobody else seems to have experienced problems with this software so i am considering other explanations for my explorer crash.

Well, Modron, it might just have been a coincidence…

I have another one

maybe a bit different, but I think of the guys that have been longer may know it

Its’s ScriptMaker and SLang. The methode is a bit different, but it sure can get you started. As far as I know, it was kinda hard to get your hands on these, hence the link