Has elysiun ever thought of having a screenwriting/storyboarding and concept creation forum,(hint hint cgtalk)? I think it would be a great add-on.

I agree that is a good idea, sometimes there are circumstances that make this a bit hard or not worth it, but if its possible a new sections is always great =)

Still with the new Blender I don’t know exactly what is planned, how this forum and BA will intereact and what their main principles will be interesting to see.

A lot of people here are very much into CGI filmmaking, and this needs a huuuge amount of crossing skills, well, I would be a fan of it as I know even a few of the Orange team may branch and do a few individual works when we return home and there is a huge base for it.

So, if things permit, we’ll see hehe.

You could always use the Traditional forum.

isnt the traditional section more for 2d art, i guess you could, but i think it deserves its own section.

and when is that blender artist coming out?! what is taking it so long?

Ahhh… you’ve revealed that you don’t frequent that forum very often :). People post drawings, photos, music, poems, short stories and a few other things. Scripts and boards would fit right in.

awww dude yeah i gotta get to that section more

conclusion reached i reckon! =D I’ll have to start storyboard spamming in march MHUHAHAHAH

I look forward to reading it!