Screw Function

Um, I tried searching…does everyone have to refer to things as “screwed up”? :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve been trying to figure out this function since I started Blending, but have had no use until now. I’m modeling a 40 bottle, and need to make the threads on top. So far, everything I do with screw tells me that no curve is selected. I’ve tried using curves, half-circle meshes, tried parenting a mesh to the curve, and I’m still lost. Are there any tutorials out there? I noticed that this little function goes almost unnoticed all too often, but it promises to be helpful eventually. Thanks, people.

Documentation on, it has an article about the screw function, have a look, it’s very good.

works for me

quick mini-tut:

delete all of the verticies in the default plane
still in edit mode add a cross section of one of your ridges with control+left click
select all of your verticies
in the edit buttons press the screw button (still in the front view, will rotate around the global vertical axis)

change the settings for slightly different results

Thanks. Don’t know why that didn’t work before. Is there any way to do this with a full circle? If I don’t delete any of the verts, it says No Curve Selected. One more thing, I’ve played with the buttons and settings, but is there a way to adjust the spacing between the layers of the screw? I thought it might be the offset, but that is not so. In the 2.03 Manual, they show a beautiful circle screwed with a nice space between the two steps. This really confounds me.

they show a beautiful circle screwed with a nice space between the two steps.

oh! if you wanna do that your not going to be able to do it with the screw funcion…you have to use “dupliframes”…find a tutorial on that! theres a great one in the 2.0 manual!

Is there any way to do this with a full circle?

why? you wouldnt be able to see the other half of the circle anywho…maybe this is a job for dupliframes too? :-?

hope this helps,
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You’re referring to Figure 1 on page 48?

Here’s how to get something similiar:

Delete the default plane
Switch to Front view
Add a 16 vertice circle
drag it to the left about 4 or 5 grid spacings
select the top and bottom vertices of the circle
Press Shift_d and move the 2 vertices to the right 2 grid spaces,
Press [f] to make an edge,
press [s] and scale up the line by a factor of 2.
(Note: the length of the line is what adjusts the space between the spring coils)
Select all vertices.

Settings: (Use whatever you require)
Degree: 360
Steps: 16
Turns: 1

Press [Screw]

Unselect everything.
The helper object (the vertices in the middle of the coil) can now be deleted, as it’s usefullness to us is finished.

Place your cursor near a vertex of the middle mesh and press [L] to do a link select, then delete the vertices.

Hope I didn’t miss anything or screw something up :wink:

What would I do without a Jarrell Smith? I recomend that you guys get one too… :smiley: Thank you sooo much. It worked perfectly. It still doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but as long as it works, I can use it. :smiley: Thanks again, everyone. Especially Jarrell. Gotta ask, how did you figure that one out? I never would have thought of it. It definitely doesn’t explain fully in the book.

Thanks for the compliment; I’m truly not worthy :wink:

I get alot of clues and tips from a true Blender
master Carsten Wartman’s old FAQ/tips page:

Plus the knowledge base (link one level up on
this site from this forum)

It doesn’t seem to work for me; I’m using 2.40 alpha. Keeps telling me “No curve selected”; but I don’t want to screw a curve; just a V shape… :frowning:

pres a button to select al the vertices.
or your Boxselect tool. around your vertices.

hope this will do

I did have them selected. Tried many times… Must be something about 2.40

Remove the open poly line to screw the “V” profile.
The poly line can only be used if the profile is a closed or completed loop ie circle square etc and is used to space the loops