Screw Modifier using poly edge as axis?

OK, I want to be able to use the screw modifier (Blender v2.83) on a 2d mesh object but I want the axis to be around one specific edge (see below).

I know that I can use a separate object to determine the axis but that would require a bit of angle maths that I would not know how to automate.

Does anyone know how to do this?

I don’t want to do this only for the one object as I want to have something automated in the future so it is easier to do so please keep that in mind as well.

Thanks in advance.


Does it have to be rotated this way?
There’s a way to snap the edge to X-axis

If I understand what you want, take and turn on snapping/grid snap…rotate the object to get the line you highlighted on the Z-axis. Then add your screw modifier…

In the future…make sure to start the object with the line that it will spin on as a major axis x-y-z then this problem won’t happen as the modifier is able to use any major axis…

Yeah, the idea is to have it work at arbitrary axes and NOT at the standard XYZ axes. Like I mentioned in my first post, I could use an object as reference but that can be tricky to get the angle right.

I do remember that, I think it was either Maya or Wings 3d, where if you wanted to to ‘lathe’ your object that you could just select a polygon and a single edge and it would ‘lathe’ around that edge as the axis.
I tried to find something similar to this in Blender (IE NOT the screw modifier!) but with no luck.

I appreciate the input, though.

If anyone else has any ideas then please let me know.


Sadly, you cannot make a 2pt object and use that as an ‘axis object’, Blender just refuses to do it.

(You CAN make such an object, like from an Edge, but Blender won’t lathe around in, using Screw.)

I suspect this is a job for geometry nodes. Oyyyyyy…

Hey, Here is the way I do/did it.Here is my screenshot

If you need further explanation let me know


@ajcdfin Ahhhh!!! Why didn’t I think of this before? I’ve done this sort of thing before but in a different way in a number of different programs.

Thanks, man. You’re brilliant! This is a very under-rated technique.



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