screwdriver - sorta realistic - what do you think?

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I made the metal part, stopped working on it then started again and made the handle and texture in one day, then rendered it in LF. I had to tweak it many times. I then made the mistake of trying to tweak it some more in blender then re-exporting it. That went really wrong, the camera FOV got really messed, along with me forgetting to delete/overwrite old meshfiles, so you know that got screwy. (sorry…heh) So, I re-rendered it again after trying to fix all that but it didn’t come out as good as this one so I posted this one! Comments please!!!

(S68) #2

Pretty cool!

Looks very realistic (to me)


(LohnS) #3

Sweet, wish i could be bothered exporting my stuff hehe. Very cool, realistic too.

(sten) #4

looks …yes…very realistic to me too !!

and thanks NEO for the inputs, always welcome :D,
finally I got my inspiration back, couldn’t let go LOL :slight_smile:

(VelikM) #5

It looks good!
You must have modeled it from a cheap screw driver though, the better brands have a flattened tip, phillips head screws have a flat bottom in the head, screw drivers with pointed tips strip the head of the screw more often than not. :wink:

(Jolly Gnome) #6

Looks good, but the screwing-point is too smooth…

(pofo) #7

Looks good.

metal part looks a bit thick compared with plastic part

  1. pofo

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yeah, I didn’t try too hard on modelling the tip, I know it’s too pointy and smooth, etc but it would take too many vertices to sort that out. Also I had a lot of trouble with normals so I decided to leave the tip how it is. As for the thickness- I realized that and went back to change it, and that’s how it got screwed up. I forgot to delete the meshfiles when I made it smaller so everything just went to hell. It didn’t help that I moved everything including the camera. Thanks for the feedback guys!

(gundamf91) #9

does your screw driver fit my screws?



(Nayman) #10

I think gundam is hitting on you

:wink: :wink: :wink:

(Skates) #11

uh oh… uhh… nice looking screws though. Hehe.