(FeralMan) #1

Hi there.
A new hard surface practice. I make topology as clean as possible. But in another hand, I try to save time. So there compromises.
Try a new technique. Make a non-destructive workflow. With just a line in the base. That you can change the form easily at any time.

But Still for good topology modifiers must be applied and polygons must be polished.

(- Click for resources) #2

I like the bits and pieces, but the screwdriver itself is actually not that functional(with only those bits). It should have a longer shaft, if you put a bit in it you need at least a few cm space around it else you cant screw anything(just saying due to i see no extender at the bits :P).

(RickyBlender) #3

are there any missing screw type ?
like smaller Philips
and more square ones

did you add any material on these ?

but looking good

happy cl

(FeralMan) #4

Don’t worry. It has a metal connector between bit and screwdriver. So you can set the length you need in real life. I just didn’t show it last time.

(FeralMan) #5

Now I am working on BOX for all pieces. The plan is to get good looking final image render. I add materials later. I need good looking metal, plastic, and rubber.

The number of bits must get to 35. I made only 20. So there I few missing)). Like you notice the Philips. And 15 more I need to make. Maybe I stop on 30. Will see.

(FeralMan) #7

More progress on case. Done also some work on bottom. And few bits a left now.

(sundialsvc4) #8

As a visualization of an actual consumer product, this is very good. (The idea of having a shaped hole in the top lid is an idea that I haven’t seen yet in an actual store, but I’m not sure why not. I don’t go into Home Depot much …)

(FeralMan) #9

The model I’m working based on real object. And there are a hole for screwdriver, that have it can place inside.

(FeralMan) #10

The modeling almost done. There a few bags must be correct. And after I will go to shading.

(RickyBlender) #11

where are the square heads !

looking good

which renderer did you use ?
and is it 2.8 ?

happy cl

(FeralMan) #12

There one square heads. Do you use it in real life?

I tried to use 2.8, but only for render. I need to rewrite keybord for my wotkflow.

(RickyBlender) #13

I like square head and prefer it to other type
much easier to work with and stronger LOL

nice work anyway
happy cl