Screwed up Plane

Hi Everybody,
I’m working on getting the controls for a plane down for a game i’m working on. I gen get it to roll, climb/dive and then when i tried to make it fire a bullet with space, when you fire the bullet it moves the plane like up and to the right i think.
Try for yourself nick/plane_physics.blend

Any ideas would be appreciated

Here’s why the plane is getting moved: The bullet, upon creation, pushes it away. You’ll need to make the bullet a Ghost but keep Collision on.

OK, Thanks :slight_smile:

P.S. Do you know how to move the little yellow sphere thats usuly in the center of an object? For some reason, it’s a ways below my plane so the bullets appear under the plane out of thin air. O_O

If the dot is the center of the object, then go into edit mode and look for the “Center” button. Then the verticies will be centered around the center.