Screwed-up rendering

I have messed up my rendering. I hit one of the keys in the Render window on the far right in the Format section and it changed something. I tried hitting default to get my settings back to the way they were (which I can’t remember) but it’s not working. Now, when my image renders, it’s squashed at first, and then it’s gets blurry. What is happening?

To add something to that: The top portion of this duct (the cylinder) is supposed to be transparent. It was working before I hit one of those buttons.

Deselect the “Fields” button on the Render tab. That is called interlacing and is designed for output to a television screen. You use fields with the “Odd” button selected for NTSC and fields without odd selected for PAL.

That’s not right, you use even fields for DV-Material (no matter if it is NTSC or PAL) and odd fields for pretty much every other codec.


It’s the fields button in the Render panel. Pressing “Default” in the Format panel turns it on, and nothing in the Format panel turns it off again.