Screwy particle, cache and force field behavior

I’m trying to come to grips with the particle system, and it’s messing with me. :slight_smile:

I can add a particle system just fine and tinker with the settings. I can cache the particles to disk and even net render them across 6 computers, no problem. But when I add force fields to the scene, everything goes weird.

The force fields don’t appear to affect the particles on on set of frames, but will on the other. A wind force field will work at first, then will stop responding to changes, no matter what settings i adjust. I add a second force field to the scene (turbulence) and it doesn’t seem to affect anything at all.

This seems to be related to the caching system somehow. Because I will “free bake” and turn off disk cache, but the particles still behave like they are cached. I will even manually delete the disk cache but the particle will still behave like it’s cached. Then at some point while fiddling, it will snap out of it and start recalculating fresh particles, but only in bursts of a few frames, then snap back to old cached frames.

I’m going nuts here, is this system stable? Does it work fine for everyone else? What might I be doing wrong here?


Just change the number of particles when you want to empty the cache (like +1 or so). Ugly workaround :confused:

Thanks, ill try it. Are the devs aware of this? Because this is pretty bad. :stuck_out_tongue: