Screwy render, no clue why
So yeah, all textured faces are black, and all untextured faces are white and I could have sworn I didn;t touch the render settings. Help me out here people, i’m panacing :wink:

could be lots of things. Bad Lights, Missing or mislocated texture image files, Render Layers Material override…

This doesn’t look like bad lighting…i’d shoot towards missing/misapplied textures.

They’re applied properly, none are missing. No bad lighting nor render layers material override. checked and doublechecked. weirdness.

Posting from work so I dont have blender right in fornt of me.

Have you insured textface is turned on…I beleive its in the object buttons…someone can verify/debunk this its the one that allows textures to be visible in a render

is your texture applied as “Twoside” (in the edit buttons F9, Texture face panel), and is your object “Double Sided” (also in the edit buttons, Mesh panel)?

You’ve probably done this, but just to understand your work flow - is it UV mapped? if so, simply unwrapping it and having the image texture in the UV editor isn’t enough. You have to specify that the material is using an image texture, and that the tex coords are set to use the UV data you created, and then from the texture panel, make sure the right image is linked to your material.

Yeah, that is what makes it so weird.
This is how the model looks in UV-faceselect mode.

It seems all the most comon made mistakes are avoided. I tried all of your suggestions just to make sure I didn’t overlook anything. But clearly the textures are there, the normals are on the right side and it is UV-mapped properly. Also, the 1st and 2nd floor are seperate models. TexFace is selected, no missing lights. Think it might be worth trying on an external renderer.

have you tried not using texface to map it (i.e. use an image texture with it’s mapto set to UV) like dschnell289 said?
also, are you using 2.45 or an SVN build?

Yeah, tried that as well. I’m using 2.45
Once I find out what it is, or any of you do. I’ll definitally post that glorious victory in here :slight_smile:

Proglin - it is what I suspected. However, it will be difficult to set up now that I see how your file is made. I think there is more than one solution though. The first, which might be easiest in cleanup (but not the best for future models) would be to create seperate materials for each texture, and create links from that object to each texture, linking the geometry associated with each UV set/texture to the appropriate material. Each material must have an image texture, with Map Input coordinates set to UV - and the image texture must be manually assigned in the texturing panel.
For future, and you may want to just re-texture this from scratch, would be to layout all of the UVs for the mesh in the UV square grid. Then, with Photoshop/gimp, put all of your textures into one large texture/image file, and line things up so your UV data and textures line up properly.

@dschnell289 - I’m assuming that Proglin PM’d you the blend based off of your post. So the problem is that there’s more than one texture on the object?

It’ll need multiple textures due to the mechanics of the engine we’re using for the game this particulair model is intended for. Untop of that, it never gave me problems before.

But guess what… reinstalled Blender. Renderer works perfectely.

that’s bizarre that it works now. It never worked on my 2.45 or SVN version.
@dreblen - yes, and yes. They were unwrapped, several different textures applied to each unwrap. it looked appropriate in the viewport, but there was no more than the one basic material on both meshes. The image texture(s) weren’t linked to the material with corresponding UV coordinate data…